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Urbanist Art Gallery in Dubai launches its second Collective Show

The Second Edition of the Collective Exhibition by Urbanist Art Gallery just opened on 19 July to an enraptured Dubai crowd. The show is ongoing until 8 August, and is a must-see for the Dubai art scene.

Urbanist Art Gallery launched its second Collective Exhibition on 19 July 2023, showcasing a selection of emerging and established artists from the region. The crowd was enthralled, and the gallery space was busy, until late in the evening. Urbanist Art Gallery has recently relocated to a new venue on Box Park Al Wasl Road in Dubai; an elegant space occupying the ground and upper floors of a modern building. The gallery attracts artists, collectors and art-enthusiasts from local and international communities. The opening was a big success, and more visitors are anticipated for the remaining days of the ongoing show.

Urbanist Art at Box Park

Urbanist Art Gallery at its new location at Box Park Al Wasl Road, Dubai (photo courtesy of the gallery)

The Collective Exhibition is showcasing paintings, sculptures and works on paper, including a diverse range of media such as oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and digital art (and more). The participating artists are Ihab Ahmad, Diana Almardini, Omar Alakhras, Khaled Juratly, Malini Karani, Rana Lotfi, Chadi Nassar, Louma Rabah, Nawar Shartouh, and Ghazal Tamer, who are all prominent artists from the region. Themes of hope and fantasy, war and destruction, femininity and feminism, landscape and abstraction, are all present in this group.

photo from the opening1
photo from the opening2

Photos from the opening on 19 July (photos courtesy of the gallery)

Diana Almardini’s paintings are figurative but use expressionist modes of representation. Omar Alakhras uses archetypes in his paintings with symbolic overtones. Khaled Juratly incorporates photography with design in his works on paper that are critical of the realities of war. Malini Karani explores issues of identity and cultural heritage in her paintings. Rana Lotfi paints women, incorporating their representations with patterns in an ode to femininity. Chadi Nassar has embraced Artificial Intelligence, producing a series of Digital Artworks. Louma Rabah paints landscapes, cityscapes and towns using bright and vibrant colors; indeed, her mastery of her color palette has long been hailed in her work. Ghazal Tamer uses mixed media to create abstract works with deeper meanings. Nawar Shartouh works in a surrealist style, incorporating exaggerated figures in order to express deeper, psychological states. And last but not least, Ihab Ahmad works on bright and colorful compositions that are appealing to the eye.

Admiring Louma Rabah paintings

Visitors admiring the Louma Rabah paintings. (photo courtesy of the gallery)

Admiring paintings

Visitor admiring Diana Almardini painting. (photo courtesy of the gallery)

gallery interior 1

Urbanist Art Gallery interior view (photo courtesy of the gallery)

interior view2

Urbanist Art Gallery interior view (photo courtesy of the gallery)

Urbanist Art Gallery is an inspiring place, a vital platform for artists from the region, bringing contemporary art from around the world to their audience in Dubai and globally. Always active, the gallery aims to collaborate with regional and international artists in order to promote their work and bring the magic of art to all. Since its inception in 2022, it is inspiring to see the requisite activities of Urbanist Art Gallery on an ongoing basis.

The Second Edition of the Collective Exhibition by Urbanist Art Gallery will remain on show until 8 August, 2023 at the gallery’s new location at Box Park Al Wasl Road. If you’re in Dubai, make sure to pass by and see the show!

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