La Belleza DIFC Dubai

“La Belleza” exhibition by MIA Art Collection brings Poetry to the fore of the Arts

MIA Art Collection’s latest exhibition “La Belleza” in DIFC Dubai celebrates and combines both poetry and art.

MIA Art Collection has long valued the Plastic Arts, especially highlighting the role and status of women artists in this field. Now, an innovative approach to curation has been realized with “La Belleza”, a highly anticipated exhibition that celebrates both Art and Literature. Participating in the show are both artists and poets, with paintings on display side-by-side with poetry. The founder and director of MIA Art Collection, Mrs Alejandra Castro Rioseco has realized this ambitious project which has succeeded another seminal show that just closed last month “Lavinia”. With two ambitious exhibitions in 2024, both in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the MIA Art Collection curatorial team surely has the attention of the local and regional art scene.

Mrs Alejandra Castro Rioseco

Mrs Alejandra Castro Rioseco, Founder and Executive Director of MIA Art Collection

MIA Art Collection team

Mrs Alejandra Castro Rioseco and Mrs Hana Sammak Kurdi, together with their colleagues at MIA Art Collection

In addition to the collaboration with DIFC, MIA Art Collection joins forces with The Emirates Literature Foundation, home of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, a not-for-profit that supports and nurtures a love of literature in the UAE and across the region. The exhibition is titled “LA BELLEZA – الجمال : Poetry & Art”, and is an innovative and exceptional exhibition curated by a team of international curators with the direction of Mrs Alejandra Castro Rioseco, with special co-curator Namal Siddiqui and the very talented Mrs Hana Sammak Kurdi. The venue is DIFC’s iconic The Gate building, and the show will run for one month, showcasing poetry and international art.

"La Belleza" exhibition

Curatorial Statement of “La Belleza” at The Gate, DIFC, Dubai – exhibition by MIA Art Collection

Louma Rabah at "La Belleza"

“Sunset Seascape” and “Amongst the Blue” by Louma Rabah at LA BELLEZA exhibition DIFC Dubai, curated by Maie El-Hage

"Amongst the Blue" by Louma Rabah at "La Belleza"

“Amongst the Blue” by Louma Rabah showcased in the LA BELLEZA exhibition by MIA Art Collection

As a member of the MIA Art Collection team, I was delighted to curate a selection of beautiful paintings by Lebanese contemporary artist Louma Rabah. Louma Rabah is most famous for painting Lebanese landscapes, cityscapes and towns using bold and expressive colors. Her compositions are vibrant, colorful and instantly striking. She uses art to freely express her inner beliefs by capturing and beautifying that which surrounds her. Louma Rabah’s talent lies in the harmony of her color combinations. Louma has been painting all her life, her main source of inspiration being nature. Louma has been active in the Beirut art scene since 2012, where she is considered a pillar of the community due to her philanthropy and her support of other artists. My selection of her works was inspired by the title and curatorial themes of the exhibition. In addition to Louma’s paintings, 2 of my poems have been featured in the show, published here in this article. Observing Louma’s paintings, certain melodies come to mind. There is rhythm, color harmony and balance; and yet, there is also a sense of excitement and enchantment. Her paintings truly beautify the space in which they are exhibited.

one color_ poem by Maie El-Hage

one color – poem by Maie El-Hage

mini-Nature_ poem by Maie El-Hage

mini-Nature – poem by Maie El-Hage

The curatorial statement reads: ““LA BELLEZA – الجمال” is inspired by the vital need to connect with the sensitivity and beauty of the simple, from the minimum to what sublimely passes before our eyes in everyday life, daily examples of everyday acts that when transformed into poetry turn into something beautiful.” 19 Artists and poets are included, and the curatorial line is “based on literature as a cornerstone of the beauty of culture.”

“MIA Art Collection’s view on art and culture undoubtedly includes the direct line between art and poetry. Historically, art and poetry have been related and have been fundamental to the training of artists in the world, especially in the region.”
Mia Art Collection Curatorial Statement
La Belleza photos from opening (2)

Photos from the opening of La Belleza, 13 May.

La Belleza photos from opening (1)

More photos from the opening of La Belleza, 13 May.


There is so much to uncover in this project. Go ahead; make the visit, see the art, read the poetry. You will walk away feeling inspired, enthralled and truly surrounded by beauty.



The exhibition ‘La Belleza’ by MIA Art Collection opened today 13 May 2024 and will remain on display at The Gate, DIFC, Dubai, until 14 June 2024. If you haven’t yet, make sure to see this exceptional show!

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