3 artists & nayla tueni

3 Artists and Nayla Tueni Create Art for a Cause

Three Beirut-based artists, Louma Rabah, Semaan Khawam & Elias Ayoub, team up with journalist Nayla Tueni to create Art for a good cause. Their project invites other collaborators, every day for one month, with the proceeds from the sales of the artworks benefiting the Chance Association for children with cancer.

It all started with a simple concept, and a pure intention. How can a group of artists and their friends create Art on a regular basis whilst at the same time contribute to helping an important charity? The answer manifests in an original project titled ‘3 Artists and Nayla Tueni’. Beirut-based artists Louma Rabah, Semaan Khawam and Elias Ayoub joined their artistic forces with renowned Lebanese journalist Nayla Tueni. Inspired by the momentum of their good cause, they met daily, for one month, creating art non-stop. The project took place at Louma Rabah Art Studio located at Lebanon Street, Achrafieh, in the heart of Beirut. The beneficiary cause was the Chance Association (children against cancer).

3 artists & maroun chedid

3 Artists and Nayla Tueni, and guest Maroun Chedid

(photo courtesy of Louma Rabah)

3 artists & carlos ghosn

3 Artists and Nayla Tueni, and guest Carlos Ghosn

(photo courtesy of Louma Rabah)

3 artists and their friends

3 Artists: Semaan Khawam, Louma Rabah & Elias Ayoub, and their friends (photo courtesy of Louma Rabah)

The concept goes further. Every day, a new guest would join them. Indeed, the guests did not necessarily have to have a background in the fine arts. Maroun Chedid, restaurateur and culinary artist, was a guest on one of the days. He created art relentlessly, as did other guests on following days. Carlos Ghosn, Brazilian-French-Lebanese businessman, was also invited to participate. He created a few original pieces.


Other artists, and gallerists, additionally joined in the fun. Rania Hammoud, owner and founder of Art Scene Gallery, participated, as did artists Charles Khoury, Raouf Rifai and Fadi El Chamaa. They brought their charisma and experience to the project. Designers did not shy away either; George Geara and Krikor Jabotian contributed their designs and their time. Mona Abou Hamze, Lebanese TV personality, was one of the guests as well. And there were others!

Charles Khoury 2

Artist Charles Khoury at Louma Rabah Art Studio (photo by the author)

Raouf Rifai

Artist Raouf Rifai creating his art piece at Louma Rabah Art Studio (photo courtesy of Louma Rabah)

The project continued for one month; endless amounts of Art had been created. The project drew the attention of the public, indeed of the community. People flocked to see the artists and their guests at work. The artworks were on display everywhere; Louma Rabah Art Studio became simultaneously a workshop environment and an art gallery. Visitors would pick up the artworks they fancied, pay, and take them with them as the artists created even more pieces.

Maie El-Hage

The author Maie El-Hage at Louma Rabah Art Studio (photo by the author)

Louma Rabah

Louma Rabah at her studio (photo by the author)

Semaan Khawam

Semaan Khawam at the studio (photo by the author)

Elias Ayoub

Elias Ayoub at the studio, all smiles (photo courtesy of Louma Rabah)

Louma and friends

Rania Hammoud, Louma Rabah, and Maha El Khalil at the studio (photo courtesy of Louma Rabah)

I was lucky to witness the birth of the project from the beginning as I met with my friends about one month ago. I went by to visit in the prime of the project, and was enthralled. The energy of the studio was contagious; the positivity, hope, joy, and passion were palpable. I was so happy to see the artists and their guests at work. It reminded me of the momentum of a factory; churning out finished goods with no hint of ever stopping in sight. And yet, this was more than that. This project is about freedom; the freedom to create Art and have it mean something.

The finished pieces will all be on display at Mojo Gallery next week over a period of two days. I cannot encourage you more to go and see what the artists and Nayla Tueni have put together for you.

The Mojo gallery exhibition displaying the artworks by 3 Artists and Nayla Tueni [and visiting artists] opens on Monday March 20 from 6 to 9pm. It will also be open on Tuesday, March 21, same time. Proceeds from the sale of artworks will benefit the Chance Association (children against cancer).

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