Escape Gallery interior

Escape Gallery Promotes Emerging Artists in Beirut

Sana Jaber founded Escape Gallery in December 2022 in Beirut. She intends to support and promote the art community she is a part of.

Amidst the booming art scene in Beirut, Escape Gallery was founded in December 2022 by Sana Jaber, an artist and art curator. Inspired by the bustling artistic activities, her intention is to support the art community she is a part of. Sana studied Fine Arts at the Lebanese University, graduating in 2019. Her colleagues, now her artists, are all graduates in Fine Arts at the Lebanese University. Sana recognized the untapped talent around her, and felt compelled to encourage and support emerging artists whom she knows well and whose art she values. This was the main impetus behind opening the gallery.

Escape Gallery exterior

Escape Gallery, street view (photo courtesy of the Gallery)

create express escape

‘Create, Express, Escape’ (photo courtesy of the Gallery)

Sana and her team chose a strategic location for the gallery. Achrafieh is one of the most active artistic quarters in the heart of Beirut. The gallery is located at a corner site, facing the St. Nicholas church. Sana and the architect designed the gallery for maximum visibility; it is open to the outside by three glass façades. This has encouraged passersby to be attracted to the gallery, as well as visitors. The gallery’s interior is designed to mount paintings on panels as well as walls. The panels can be narrow; wide enough to mount the painting but still not too wide to appear bulky. The gallery as it is today is spacious, elegant and filled with paintings and a few sculptures.

Escape gallery interior 2

Interior view of Escape Gallery (photo by the author)

Escape paintings

Paintings by Sana Jaber (photo by the author)

Landscape painting

Painting part of the Collection (photo by the author)

For the first opening, which took place on December 27, 2022, Sana chose to showcase the work of painters; Ahmad Nehme, Marie Nassar, Mariam Hamza, Iman Toufaily, Ayoub Bitar, Elissar Hajj, and Zahra Reslan. Later in 2023, more artists were added to the show; Raphaella Matta, Abbas Mansour, Juliet El Mazraani, Joseph Abou Khalil, Mona Jabbour and Gaia Maria Njeim. Sana Jaber’s paintings are also on display at this ongoing exhibition. The paintings showcase a variety of artistic styles, techniques and subject matter.

paintings interior

Interior View of Escape Gallery (photo by the author)

paintings interior 2

Painting by Raphaella Matta (photo by the author)

paintings interior 3

Painting by Zahra Reslan (photo by the author)

Sana’s ambition is to launch her art management career. In a short period of time, she has established herself and Escape Gallery as a part of the local art scene and community.

Escape Gallery is located in Achrafieh, St. Nicholas street, facing the church, and is open from Monday to Saturday starting 10am.

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