Nelsy Massoud 1

Azza Abo Rabieh + Nelsy Massoud at Saleh Barakat Gallery

“Metamorphosis” by Nelsy Massoud, is currently on display at Saleh Barakat Gallery, in the Upper Gallery space.

Nelsy Massoud stitches together loofahs, creating sculptures easily likened to chrysalides and/or undersea creatures. The pieces are delicately coated and painted in organic colors. The collection is sensitive, and echoes this new magic brewing in the Saleh Barakat Gallery, in juxtaposition with the Azza Abo Rabieh collection.

Nelsy Massoud 2

“Metamorphosis” by Nelsy Massoud, Upper Gallery of Saleh Barakat Gallery

An entry about “Yearning” by Azza Abo Rabieh:

“Melodic”, was the word that resonated in my mind when I saw the first artwork by Azza Abo Rabieh.

“Melodic, the way a Paul Klee painting makes sounds in your head when you see it,” I thought. And yet, this is not a Paul Klee painting.


The artist is playing. She manipulates sensitive media effortlessly; well she makes it look effortless. It looks like the labour of a lace-maker: something so sensitive to put together, one forgets the effort and just indulges in the fantasy of beholding the lace.

Somewhere between the prints, the tulle, the threads, the ink, the watercolour, the etchings, and the aquatint, Azza has created a world of escape. Think of the experience of reading “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry for the first time. As an adult. Did it not remind you of your childhood? Did it not recreate the fantasy world of childhood in a way, and yet its depth and pain could only be grasped as an adult?

Seeing this show was similar to that. I felt myself in a world of childhood magic, and yet underneath the layers of surface and line, I felt a resonant pain. For a moment, this pain was also mine.

Thank you, Azza.

Azza Abo Rabieh 1
Azza Abo Rabieh 2
Azza Abo Rabieh 3

Both exhibitions are on display until July 23 at Saleh Barakat Gallery, make sure to pass by and see the show.

All photos courtesy of Saleh Barakat Gallery.

First published at Arte & Lusso Online Magazine