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December Art Events in Beirut: A Guide to What to See

I offer in this article a guide to December/ Christmas 2022 art events in Beirut.

December is here and there is much to do and even more to see in Beirut! After popular request, I have compiled this guide to share with my readers what are the major art events taking place in Beirut for the month of December 2022/ Christmas season.

Beirut is alive with creativity, and this season is celebrated by well-established galleries as well as new art initiatives and collaborations. New galleries are launching, rising art galleries are creating, and new collaborations are blossoming. Art has become an opportunity for art-lovers and art-enthusiasts to come together and find new ways to engage the public in a celebration of life.

chaos art gallery interior

Matteo el Khodr, Hoda Baalbaki, and Rola Dally are participating in the Chaos Art Gallery collective exhibition ‘Enchanted’.


‘Enchanted’ collective exhibition at Chaos Art Gallery will launch on December 10

The launch of Chaos Art Gallery on December 10, for example, is a much-anticipated event; with it we witness the arrival of a new art hub within the booming art scene in Beirut. The gallery’s first collective show ‘Enchanted’ will feature Hoda Baalbaki, Rola Dally, David Daoud, Ricky Doshka (El Wyatt), Michel Harmouch, Karine Hochar, Matteo El Khodr, Jad El Khoury, Charles Khoury, Bassam Kyrillos, Nevine Mattar, Toufic Melhem, Fatima Mortada, Hayat Nazer, and Jacqueline Ohanian. The artworks range from fine art paintings to sculptures, and the show will run until January 10, 2023.

antonello ghezzi monotype

Antonello Ghezzi’s works on paper – curated by Maie El-Hage at Ghassan Kitmitto’s art event

invitation ghassan kitmitto

Invitation to Ghassan Kitmitto’s collaboration with Maie El-Hage and Suzi Chamaa

Collaborations between art collectors and curators are also at hand; curator Maie El-Hage collaborates with collector and art-photographer Ghassan Kitmitto to present a selection of Lebanese and European art which will take place on December 14th ongoing until December 17th. Maie El-Hage will be representing Lebanese artists Semaan Khawam, Louma Rabah and Ralph El-Hajj, as well as Italian artist duo Antonello Ghezzi. Antonello Ghezzi’s Milky Way Flag, exhibited at Beit Beirut earlier this year, is now installed permanently at the museum Fondazione Rocca di Bazzano in Bologna. In celebration of this, Maie will be exhibiting a very special selection of works on paper by the Italian artists. Lebanese artists Mansour El Habre and Nazar Mouchilian will also be showcasing works on paper. Furthermore, designer Suzi Chamaa will be having a fashion show of her menswear collection, available for purchase.

Paulette Eid - metal angels

Paulette Eid – metal angels

Nevine Mattar - Royal Abla - papermache

Nevine Mattar – Royal Abla papermache

Nicole Mezher - painted centrepieces

Nicole Mezher – painted centrepieces

invitation artists of beirut

Artists of Beirut invitation – ABC Achrafieh

Artists of Beirut come together once again to present a Christmas Show at ABC Achrafieh Mall [square L0] from December 7th till January 8th, 2023. Seven female artists are presenting limited edition collections of artistic objects using various art techniques: paper-mâché, mosaics, painting, fabric, clay and metal. These collectible items are a must-have for the upcoming holiday season. As per Artists of Beirut’s mission, part of the proceeds will go to NGOs supporting Beirut city restoration.

zalfa gallery

‘Birdman in Colors’ at Zalfa Halabi Art Gallery invitation

Zalfa Halabi Art Gallery, a rising art gallery in Beirut, presents Semaan Khawam solo exhibition, titled ‘Birdman in Colors’. Semaan is a stellar contemporary Syrian-Lebanese artist currently based in the UK. The show will open on December 8th and run until February 24th, 2023. The gallery is located in Achrafieh and has witnessed much success since its launch in March of 2022.

art on 56th

Art on 56th Gallery in Gemmayze

Art on 56th Gallery in Gemmayze, Beirut, which just marked the end of their 10th season, is launching a collective exhibition on December 6th which will run until January 7th, 2023. The participating artists are: Ghada Jamal, Rana Raouda, Maroun Hakim, Georges Bassil, Edgard Mazigi, Rafik Majzoub, Issa Halloum, Haibat Bawab, Wissam Beydoun, Mohamad Omran, Ghylan Safadi, Dyala Khodary, Sara Chaar, and Layla Dagher. This group art show is not to be missed.

invitation art district

Art District House of Photography invitation

Art District House of Photography, which saw prominent art-photography shows this year, is launching the first solo exhibition of Youmna Chami Clémençot on December 6th titled ‘Traveller’ (running until December 31st). The gallery’s founder Maher Attar, an award-winning photographer, has elevated the status of fine art photography in Lebanon since the gallery’s launch. This unique initiative has brought a new genre of fine art photography into the art scene of Beirut.

saleh barakat gallery

The Kiss (brass) by Nada Zeineh, paying homage to Huguette Calande, at the Upper Gallery of Saleh Barakat Gallery

saleh barakat gallery two

Hidden Messages series (mixed media on canvas) by Mahmoud Obaidi at Saleh Barakat Gallery

Saleh Barakat Gallery in Clemenceau, Beirut, is displaying Mahmoud Obaidi’s show ‘Organs of the Outlandish’ throughout the month of December. The Upper Gallery at Saleh Barakat Gallery will feature Nada Zeineh’s ‘Homage à Huguette Caland’, opening on December 9th and until January 6th, 2023. Agial Art Gallery launches Houssam Ballan’s ‘Disquieting Spaces’ on December 6th and ongoing until January 6th, 2023.

ihab ahmad 1

Ihab Ahmad – The Earth is Our Mother (courtesy Mark Hachem Gallery)

ihab ahmad 2

Ihab Ahmad – Another World (courtesy Mark Hachem Gallery)

Mark Hachem Gallery in Downtown, Beirut, is having a solo show for artist Ihab Ahmad titled ‘Intriguing Natural Symbols’. The opening will be on December 20th and will run until January 3rd, 2023. The exhibition will donate a part of the profit from sales to the association CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr), which is a Lebanese NGO with a mission to help children with cancer and blood diseases in Lebanon. Ihab is a Lebanese artist who has developed a symbiotic relationship with intriguing natural symbols such as fish, eyes, trees, and man-made symbols like patterns and geometric forms. His anticipated show will be his first at Mark Hachem Gallery.

In conclusion, the art scene is alive and happening in Beirut! The wide range of subjects, media and artistic projects offers something for everyone to enjoy, see and collect. This festive season has certainly brought rays of hopes and dreams back into our lives and to our beloved city.

Exhibition Openings:

December 6    Art on 56th Gallery, Gemmayze, Collective Exhibition

December 6    Art District House of Photography, Gemmayze, ‘Traveller’ by Youmna Chami Clémençot

December 6    Agial Art Gallery, Hamra, ‘Disquieting Spaces’ by Houssam Ballan

December 7    Artists of Beirut, ABC Achrafieh, ‘Celebrating Christmas’ group exhibit

December 8    Zalfa Halabi Art Gallery, Achrafieh, ‘Birdman in Colors’ by Semaan Khawam

December 9    The Upper Gallery at Saleh Barakat Gallery, Clemenceau, ‘Homage à Huguette Caland’ by Nada Zeineh

December 10   Chaos Art Gallery, Achrafieh, ‘Enchanted’ Collective Exhibition

December 14   Ghassan Kitmitto private gallery, Minet el Hosn, ‘Where the Magic Happens: Holiday Art and Fashion’ Collective Exhibition

December 20   Mark Hachem Gallery, Downtown, ‘Intriguing Natural Symbols’ by Ihab Ahmad


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