Nadia Antonello & Paolo Ghezzi

Antonello Ghezzi

Nadia Antonello and Paolo Ghezzi studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and in 2009 founded the duo Antonello Ghezzi.

They are based in Bologna, Italy.


Their research focuses on lightness and magic.

The projects exhibited in many Italian and international institutions try to make fairy tales tangible. A door that opens only if you smile, soap bubbles that break down the walls, a machine to make wishes with shooting stars, small sculptures between lovers, starry skies of the future. Stairs, clouds and blue traffic lights that – thanks to Gianni Rodari – give us the permission to fly. As these works were winged sandals or mirrors that, like Athena’s shield, help Perseus to overcome Medusa.


The duo has exhibited at Museo Plaza Cielo Tierra in Córdoba (Argentina),Italian Cultural Institute in Santiago del Cile (Chile), Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid (Spain), Italian Embassy (Greece), Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Kunstall in Bergen (Norway), the Beit Beirut (Lebanon), at the Bagni Misteriosi in Milan (Italy), at Brooklyn Wayfarers in New York (USA) the Sound Design Festival of Hamamatsu (Japan), at the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens (Greece), at Artbab in Manama (Bahrain), at Miasto Ogrodów in Katowice (Poland), at the Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires (Argentina), at the National Picture Gallery of Bologna (Italy), at the Moscow Biennial (Russia), at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce in Genova (Italy), at the Sarajevo Winter Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina), at the Blink Opener (the Netherlands), at the Petit Bain in Paris (France) and at the Arsenale in Verona (Italy).


“We believe that art brings to life that which does not yet exist but would be beautiful if it did.”

Antonello Ghezzi