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Mazen Khaddaj

Mazen Khaddaj, born in 1985, is a multidisciplinary Lebanese-German artist working in painting, performance, video art, and installation. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut in 2008.

Mazen started his artistic journey in the medium of painting. He exhibited his first solo show in Beirut in 2013. Eventually, Mazen would move into a more multidisciplinary approach, showcasing video performances in addition to paintings.

Mazen participated in an artist residency at the prestigious Pilotenkuche International Art Residency, in Leipzig, Germany, in 2015. This would lead him to relocate to Germany permanently as of 2016.

Mazen has participated in several collective shows, including in Lebanon, Bahrain, Turkey, the USA, and Germany. Mazen’s paintings are a play between textures and color, transparency, and flatness. His work manifests human thought and interaction through figuration, which appears abstracted and dissipating, intersecting yet secluded.

Mazen is currently living in Berlin, Germany, but still has strong ties to the Middle East and continues to engage in artistic activities there.

You can check the Mazen Khaddaj viewing room here.