Semaan Khawam 1

Semaan Khawam

Semaan Khawam [a.k.a. “birdman”] is a Lebanese-Syrian artist currently based in Beirut. His work encompasses both painting and sculpture, in addition to graffiti and poetry, that addresses contemporary issues such as migration and identity. Imagery and figuration of birds is prevalent in his work, in reference to his alter ego, and hence his nickname, as birds tend to possess freedoms in movement that human beings do not.

Semaan’s work has been exhibited in Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Germany, France, Italy, New York, Singapore, Taiwan and the UK, in over 30 collective exhibitions.

His activities in the UK include an exhibition in Finch Café and Gallery, London, and an artist residency with the NGO Appetite in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Furthermore, one of his paintings was shortlisted in 2022 at Hastings Museum. Upcoming in Spring/Summer 2024 is a showcasing of the Keele University Art Collection in which Semaan’s work is featured.

His latest activities in Beirut include a return to a collaboration with Fadi El Chamaa on a project titled “AppleBird” in coordination with Lynn Modallal Gallery.